Wednesday, August 19

You only...wooden.

That family up there? Yeah, that's my friend Madeline and her new husband Brendan. They aren't really wooden, but for their wedding this weekend Madeline had these little wooden icons of each person in the wedding made. They are handmade by an artist on Etsy and they are called Naked Peggies, so cute! Weeks before the wedding she asked everyone for a photo of themselves, but couldn't tell us why. What a super cool surprise - it's was all the wedding party in little wooden people!! Above is my husband, Chad and his peggie and then of course there's me and my peggie. Madeline and Brendan have three kitties and she even had those made, is that not the cutest thing ever!?


jarsika said...

THAT is very cool. Yours is so super cute. And I can't say enough about Mr. Golden's Apple tucked under his arm!

And then of course... the PUG!!!



Brittany Noel said...

I've been seeing these around on Etsy. What a sweet idea for a wedding! I love the cats, too. You look adorably even in peg form :)

nath said...

hee, hee that's cute.

sarah said...

That is REALLY cute! I love charming wedding ideas like that. :)

littlebyrd said...

It is wonderful! The kind of remind me of the old wooden fisher price people. I want to have some made now.

Anonymous said...

such a good idea!!

Anonymous said...

These are so cute. Before our wedding I asked my future m-i-l to make a dough cake topper of my husband and me - she made very cute dough Xmas ornaments and is very talented at crafty type things, but she said no; she felt they wouldn't be "nice enough" even though I assured her that homemade was what I wanted. Clearly I have deep issues that will only be solved by ordering some of these right away!

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