Wednesday, August 19

Me and Coco

So her name is Coco. Coco because she's French, she's fashionable and she is well, slightly cocoa in color! Her first shoot isn't until this Saturday. I am so excited to see what garments will look like on her. The yellow dressform, Goldy, is still in full effect, I love how the yellow sometimes really works with a piece of clothing. But sometimes it detracts, hence my search for Coco.I still want a pale antique dressform,
but I'll be patient until she comes along as well.

Blue jersey dress - Maria Bonita Extra, a hand-me-down from my friend Heather
earrings - thrifted, Laurel Burch (I just love Laurel Burch painted metal jewelry)
plaid flats - thrifted


littlebyrd said...

Both of you: wonderful! I just got a new dress form too last week at an etstate sale.

littlebyrd said...

Oh - and I like the name Coco - tres chic! Mine is named Agnes...because at the same sale I found an old book and inside was a letter signed Auntie Agnes.

13bees said...

alright, well at -least- give her a middle name that starts with the letter L!

Claradevi said...

That's a lovely name! And suit her a lot, I think :)

Dallas Shaw said...

pretty. been searching high and low for a great derss form- any suggestions?

Zohar said...

that dress is amazing!!

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