Wednesday, August 12

Guest Blog! Ring stack-em-ups.

Hi there! Lauren has been so kind as to let me guest blog about my ring stacking fetish. I'm her friend and sometimes Dear Golden model Amy, often known as Sacky. So in honor of the Dear Goldens' nickname for me, I'll call them Sackstacks. I have a blog too, but I stick mostly to art-related topics and rarely cover fashion, though I do have a particular affinity for vintage duds. Thanks to my cat Ramona Quimby for lending me her tail to feature in this photo of a Sackstack I call
Tails from the Crypt

The top one is vintage carved or cast plastic flanked by winged scarabs. The bottom is wood resin set in brass made by a Hungarian designer. I like it's ambiguous coffin/space shuttle-like shape.

As you can see, I'm big on having a single finger on one hand adorned with rings. I love the way that multiple rings can seem to glom together to form the illusion of one large decadent ring. To me, the most arresting effect is created via contrast. Lauren mentioned the importance of contrast in her post on The Soft & Hard. Girly pretty rings--pearls, coral, rhinestones--are paired with wooden, brassy, brash rings.

Snake in the Garden

Sucker Punch

Of the Elements

Scarlet Begonia

Sea, Land, Sky

Wooden Heart

Cluster Pluck

Bad Luck

Keep Your Enemies Closer

Tree Rings

I always wear this simple gold ring on my right little finger (bottom). It used to be my mom's engagement ring, but when my dad presented her with a new setting, they took out the old diamond and cage and made a pinky ring from it. The littler ring in the middle of my finger is my baby ring. I guess baby jewelry was big in the 70's, because I also have a bracelet that's too small for even a few fingers to fit into.

Thanks again to Lauren and to you for entertaining my little sojourn into finger adornment!


reilly said...

I love this! Amazing example of personal style!

Karen/Small Earth Vintage said...

Nice! You have some fab rings. I might try this, but most of my rings are already so big and clunky, I'm not sure it's do-able. But I am inspired! :)

littlebyrd said...

Loved "cluster pluck" and "bad luck"!!!!

ScottieinaCanoe said...

I love the first set of rings! Fab guest blog!!!

halfpastafreckle said...

So original! You have such beautiful rings!!!

Abbigail said...

lovely rings sacky!!!!!

Jennifer said...

What a great idea! Stacking the different design types together is inspiring. I love chunky fashion jewelry and rings of all sorts and this is great way to display those rings.

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