Tuesday, May 12

Dear Golden Dressed

This gal here is my friend Amy, affectionately known as Sacky. Today I decided to outfit post HER instead of myself! She is an art prof. and all around super cool friend. She is also my sometimes model and Dear Golden's best customer. The best things never even make their way into the shop because she is over my house, trollin' the shop and scoopin' up the goodies. Yesterday she modeled some clothes for me and left with a good amount of them, as usual! This little black dress and belt is a good example, it looked too good on her and it just had to leave my house on her body, she left feeling so januty that she wanted to call up her husband and arrange for some late afternoon cocktails, so cute!

Sacky has awesome taste in jewelry, the photos do not do her accessories justice, I can tell you that. But the coolest part of her get-up (as my mom might call it), is that aside from the tights it's 100% vintage/thrifted. Which if you ask me (even though you didn't ask me), is awesome, all recycled clothing that looks completely current and way cool.

black shift dress - Dear Golden
belt - Dear Golden
jacket - thrifted, Sacky's own recent find, it's vintage Levi's!
leggings - Sacky's own, I think they are from Macy's? American Apparel? Dunno.
white woven leather shoes - Dear Golden
giant floral hobo bag - Dear Golden
awesome jewelry - Sacky's own


Hello Lindello said...

She's adorable. I just love that dress!

tenthings. said...

Soo cute! Great post! Nice to have friends that make you smile!

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