Monday, May 11

Cliff Bell's Jazz Club

Last night was spent at Cliff Bell's, a painstakingly restored 1920s-30s jazz club in Detroit. I think I have blogged about Cliff Bell's already, but so what! A friend's band, Orphem Bell played there and their music a good fit for the place, very 1930s inspired. The club is so beautiful I feel it requires of me to give it the respect it is due by dressing my very best. And so I wore one of my early 1950s dresses, a vintage dress I have had for ages and rarely wear. Cliff Bell's is also the perfect opportunity to wear a hat, and hence I don one.

vintage dress - thrifted
hat - thrifted
shoes - ebay
jacket - estate sale
needlepoint purselet - gift from friend


Michele said...

Cliff Bell's is great. Detroit is so full of little gems. I love it.

AlicePleasance said...

What a glorious outfit! I adore the trench coat and the hat is amazing :-)

Meaghan Kelly said...

this outfit is too good! too good!

tracy mitchell said...

oh how i love the opportunity to really 'get dressed.' you look lovely my dear! love the hat! let me say 'love' once more.

gladys said...

Your outfit is just wonderful.

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