Sunday, May 10

Unexpected Thrifting

Oh today today today, feels like a Saturday but is a Sunday but I am not working tomorrow so it is kind of Saturday. And I am also going out tonight to a really great 1930s jazz club in Detroit with some friends so that also makes it feel like Saturday. I did some unexpected thrifting today, and even went to an antique store with my lovely friend Duff whereupon we spent nearly an hour and a good lot of money. I picked up some things for the shop and for me. This scarab ring being something I got for myself, the lady working at the shop says that scarabs were an Egyptian symbol of good luck and protection, so lucky me!

slub cotton tank top - urban outfitters
under tank (pink one) - thrifted
white jeans - JCrew
t-strap leather woven shoes - thrifted
vintage scarab ring - thrifted
chunky bubble gum pink bauble necklace - vintage and thrifted!


Below are some spoils of the day!


Anonymous said...

That first photo is adorable doll!

Laura Trevey said...

I LOVE white jeans!!!

jarsika said...

I love how crazy your hair is :) By the way... I'll put that dress up in the shop as soon as I have a moment. The sash goes long in the back and you can tie it however you want! Good stuff.

imelda said...

love that chunky bubble necklace.. brings an instant joy! and the shirt.. just gorgeous!

Poke Salad Annie said...

love the fish face :D
great finds too!

Hello Lindello said...

Your rocking the outfit. I love everything on you in that pic, especially that necklace! Great finds as well!

Swell Vintage - Frankie said...

Ha, you are so brilliant. Cracking lips! x

nice-etc said...

i love how fresh that vintage necklace looks with that outfit! very good pairing..i'll have to re-examine my own haha

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