Thursday, May 14

You look pale.

sweet jane flower necklace from 5gardenias

I love pales! Maybe since my life feels kinda of chaotic and fast moving I am really drawn to pale colors. Not pastels, pales, if you ask me, there is a difference. Pastels seem darker than pales, at least in my mind. I mean, also pale sounds cooler than pastel, for some reason the word pastel has fallen into un-use like dusty rose or mauve, those color names have lost their charm, at least for most people (I think!). But pale oh pale is very chic, very reserved and cool. Pale is like, "yeah, you guys have fun makin' all that noise, I'm just gonna chill over in the chaise." Above are some pale pieces from my shop and one not from my shop, but terribly cool! I wish that horse and necklace image were my own so I could use it (note to self, find a horsey!).


And this, THIS, is not in my shop, oh nooooo, but if it were my birthday, I would ask for this, I've been loving it since I met it on, back in January. It's beyond the scope of my pocketbook (love that term only my Nana uses!) but a girl can dream. I always think I'll save up and buy myself one of these expensive pieces I blog about, but the truth is, I usually forget I even want them OR am too addicted to feeding my savings account!


Plush Palate said...

I love pale, muted colors like this. Great choices!

Tom Tuttle from Tacoma said...

i love it. it's really nice.

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