Thursday, May 14

I'm not really wearing this.

But I was, I was! Up until the very last minute I left the house I was. Then I changed from pants into a flowery skirt in tans and blues. So I am ALMOST wearing this. These pants are super great though, they are like soft heavy stretchy twill, from the 80s and really comfortable. So why did I change out of them? Well, because I couldn't find a jacket I liked with the whole outfit or a sweater so I gave up on the whole scene. And also, my butt looked flat, and that's just, well, no. But high-waist pants just make butts look flat and I just need to come to terms with it. Kind of like some 1960s dresses make lady-butts looks so long and flat; have you seen Cat on a Hot Tin Roof with Liz Taylor? Well, she's a beauty no doubt, and she wears this great white dress for the first part of the movie and sister's arse looks like you could iron on it. I know it's really a trick of the eye because of how the dress sits, and as with these pants, but I just have to warm up to this flat butt look I suppose. I am more of a fan of a lot of butt, a bubbly butt.

blouse - estate sale, dear Ann's estate sale, oh how I love cotton gauze
pants - thrfited
belt - thrifted
platform sandals - ebay
necklace - thrifted

music, and i am pretty sure my iPod has "moods", iMoods, if you will:
New Order


Poke Salad Annie said...

i like bubbly butts an i cannot lie! :)

Anonymous said...

i hear you on the butt. i hate when butts look 5 miles long.

Rebecca said...

You're so right about high-waist pants and how they elongate butts! It's so tragic, because sometimes they look a little cool. I don't know if I can get in on this look.. hahaha. But yes, those pants are great!

Hello Lindello said...

OOh love the annie hall look. I have also realized that high waisted = Flat buttocks. No good, but the front makes up for it ;) Love those shoes and belt too!

fauns & ferns said...

love LOVE this simple slightly unisex little look. great blog!

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