Friday, May 15

Easy clothes

Today is a Friday that feels like it should be a Saturday and therefore I am wearing Saturday clothes. I am also wearing Saturday clothes because I have a tummy ache. But I am happy that's it is Friday and that after work I am going hiking at a new place and then going out to dinner. The catch is I am going straight to dinner from hiking, which isn't what I prefer to do being a woman who relishes getting dressed to go places more than I even like being AT the places. BUT, I will regard it as a fashion challenge and dress "on the fly" and to use some phrases I totally LOATHE, I will "bring it", I will "bring my A-game" and I "will take it to the next level". Glllllarrrgh, I hate those phrases!
Please tell me, what phrases can you totally not abide?

cotton tunic - thrifted
wide leg navy blue pants - thrifted
platform sandals - ebay (really into wearing these now as they make me so tall and important!)

music today
Bach partita - as performed by Glenn Gould
Savath & Savales
Radiohead - upon hearing it this morning I unofficially declare them the best rock band ever (hoping my dad does not read this as he claims that distinction goes only to the Rolling Stones)


Anonymous said...

i HATE the word titlywinks. even as i write it i cringe. my accounting teacher always used to say it and i would die every time. seriously.

anabela / fieldguided said...

Ha! I have so many of those phrases. This one is probably influenced by Office Space, but I cringe when people say "I'm going to go ahead and..." or "I am going to need you to..." Like just do it! Or ask it! Or command it!

Jane Flanagan said...

I adore this outfit!

I have so many of those phrases and hear them daily in meetings. "Can-do attitude" and "kudos" make me wince in particular. Also whenever anybody "leverages" something I want to punch them in the face. But I manage to exercise restraint... so far...

Anonymous said...

Very cute.

m. said...

"Well, y'know... it COULD be worse."


Genevieve said...

When people say "Git 'er duuuuuuuuuun!!!", even in jest.

When people quote Austin Powers/Terminator/Kindergarten Cop/Forrest Gump/ (STILL, PEOPLE?).

When people say "I could care less". Really? You could care less? Or you COULDN'T care less? Because that is the EXACT OPPOSITE of what you are saying!!!!!!!!!!!!!GAH!

(Sorry for yelling on your blog.)

Chakra Pennywhistle said...

I love your Saturday outfit :) I especially like the pants and sandals. I am always in platforms for that exact same reason:)

About Last Weekend said...

This is my first time to this blog and these comments are just so funny! You made my morning! They were a veritable snort in the coffee. Ooh sorry..bad visual...another saying I hate. I agree with all of you, and have made myself quite a constant bore about the "care less" thingy. As a Kiwi via London and now living in Oakland,CA stuff like "I'm going to go ahead" sends me into a tailspin.
I'm now inspired (heelp) to go forward (aarch) and write a post on this for my blog. Thanks in advance (yuck) and hope we can reach out again(aarggh). Or even take it offline.
BTW, I love, love, love (not hating this expression but getting there) your outfit. But seriously it is beautiful, as is this blog.
And sorry about horrendously long post...Jody

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