Friday, May 15

Cute & Tough

It's not quite a girl crush, but it's more like a face crush, or a hair crush since I don't know this lass, but have to say her face is amazing and her hair, yeah....amazinger. For most of my adult life I have fantastized about having my almost black hair really short and totally bleached blonde. When I was in college I would ask my hairdresser way too many time if it were possible whereupon he told me it was if I didn't mind having a scalp full of super dry, tragically unhealthy hair and he also claimed my hair was too dark to ever be that blonde (I always though he was lying and was jsut steering me away from it because he was a lazy pothead, by the way). So I never went nuts and did it. But I still love it although I think my time for it is well well passed.

These photos are from Refinery29, and while I am pretty "meh" about the clothes, I am totally "wahhh" about the hair and that doll's angelic face. I do love the whole tough look though, not tough like slutty tough or grubby, but just a little edgy tough. It's all about "the soft & the hard" is what I say.


Anonymous said...

i agree. i have always wanted pixie hair. i am actually writing about that today on my blog :). she is pretty awesome.

Sadie's Wardrobe said...

I love this hairstyle too! I'm no where near daring enough to get it cut that way though!

Hello Lindello said...

I use to have a pixie back in the day, but it was black. I love her blonde! Makes me want to chop my locks again.
ps. That is SO COOL you started that fashion tag! It was a lot of fun doing it. I would totally buy a vintage coach bag if it were cute. I was referring to those ones that say coach all over them....ack. Have a great weekend!

cookies+creme said...

she is extraordinary! i actually did do the super short & extra blonde look, it was not as impressive on me as it is her!! i just didn't have a hairdresser to stop me as my friend had clippers and blondissma, you can guess why i didn't look as good as her!!

Lightning Heart said...

wow, she looks rad

daniRED said...

Yes your hairdresser lied. If your willing to deal with the maintenance it is more than possible!


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