Monday, September 19

john galliano : dior fall 2011

Nothing makes you a household name like a scandal and disgrace. The other day my husband and I were driving and he asked me, "do you know who John Galliano is?", after a small giggle I said yes and then he proceeded to tell me about how Galliano, after being publicly disgraced in relation to antisemitic and pro-Nazi statements, has now checked himself into rehabilitation for alcoholism. I actually didn't know this, but it's funny to me that the news came from my husband, who has decided he likes Galliano's pirate-look despite his very public faux pas. 

Though the runway show was apparently a somber one in light of the recent events, the collection is a delight with it's rich vintage 1930s vibe, no?


giselaandzoe said...

despite what he did the man is one crazy talent..when i was in school for design i watched a whole bunch of documentaries on several designers, i liked Galliano but loved him even more after i saw his rise to fashion & how well spoken he was...ironic now.

Malayka said...

I was definitely very sad to hear what his thoughts were on certain topics too because I LOVE his work! Sadly you can't just go around saying things like that... especially not if you're a public figure. I think I'll always be a fan of his work and his style. But hmmm can a stint in rehab also cure you of racism? I'm not so sure.

Estrella said...

Well, news about galiano doesnt come offent from a husband, but i think the news are so shocking, with this antisemitic comments, that anyone would be shocked to, and, as you said, anyhow he managed to make this beautiful collection.

Unknown said...

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