Wednesday, September 21

a serious shop update

I'm off to Philadelphia for some days & have stocked the shop with over 200 items for you to peruse. 
I hope it isn't too overwheming! Go shop!


caroline said...

omg I love that southwestern coat.

Naomi said...

Agreed! That Navajo jacket is awesome. I wish it were my size! Someone is gonna rock the hell out of that one!

Anonymous said...

So gorgeous!

I noticed how you snuck in some bold primary colored items.
I saw those colors featured quite a bit during the fall fashion week.

~~I wasn't there personally, just vicariously :)

Mayuko said...

I agreed, too! The jacket is perfect. The length of sleeves, shape of collars and patterns. The color is cute and not offensive for daily wardrobe.

Irene :: { Heirloom Attire } :: said...

Ooooh! I think the gray sheath dress is my favorite - it reminds me of engineering paper!!! Hope it's my size!

sbb said...

Hi, What lovely dress forms!! I'm on the hunt for one right now myself (in face this is how I've found your blog!). Just trying to get an idea of whether I should wait a bit more for the perfect deal, if there is such on thing on these beauties!! :) Could I ask you how much you got them for? And where?

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