Sunday, September 18

cambric tea & husband-repelling trousers

New loves : these vintage 1980s pants & cambric tea, both discovered this weekend. Cambric tea is just earl grey tea with steamed milk (soymilk in my case) and honey, and it has somehow supplanted my coffee habit. I spent the afternoon doing the summer to autumn/winter closet switch over, whereupon I also discovered I have way too many summer clothes but have done a good job in editing the colder season's garments, feel the pride! These pants are hated by my husband which certainly doesn't stop me from wearing them!

cream cotton henley  thrifted
1980s high-waisted cotton trousers  allen company, inc
gray wool ballet flats  DSW
peach leather belt ◊ thrifted
black and floral enamel necklace  thrifted


garofit said...

Ha ha - I know how it's like when hubby hates your stuff! Well, some of it...But it's men, isn't it, they will always take fitted over baggy...Never mind! I like it (always liked this type of trousers) and ans the color combination is really appealing and chic.

Anonymous said...

Love the pants! and the tea sounds delicious

Naomi said...

You look adorable... as usual!

Kristin said...

Very nice necklace. Pooh, pooh dear husband on the pants their great.

carolcatherine said...

cambric tea!! my all time favorite way to drink tea. lately i've been replacing the earl grey with raspberry tea (impossibly delicious). you should try the "london fog", which is earl grey tea, steamed milk and vanilla syrup. or honestly, CHOCOLATE syrup. i will make you all this and more if you come visit me at zola....and wear those pants.

Jen said...

love the cut and shape of your trousers.

J x

Anonymous said...

Was googling "cambric pants" and found this url, had to laugh at the husband repellent bit. I was immediately attracted to these pants (thought, ooooo, sturdy, loose, cosy! Everything GOOD!)...and I have been divorced 3x.

--Single for the rest of my life and loving it ;D

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