Thursday, February 17

little black dress parade

When you can no longer move all the black dresses in your shop on their rack it's time to either buy a new rack (& find some space!) or spend the afternoon adding black dresses to the shop. I chose the latter.  Sure there are about 100 more to put in the shop, but for now, I'm starting here...all of these are now available in the shop!


Jessica / Lola Vintage said...

A gal can NEVER go wrong with a little black dress. I can't believe how many I have to walk away from so that I don't feel like I'm buying too much of one thing. My favorite of these is the one in the first pic, muy bonita!

KristiMcMurry said...

I might have to buy another black dress from you! You find the best things...seriously. I don't know if I can live without that one on the top left.

Anonymous said...

there's another option that you left out....send them all to meeeee!


The4inONE said...

Some of them are really pretty: just a temptation!

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