Friday, February 18

calling all vintage sellers

While searching the internet for a 1940s skirt it dawned on me that I should just send out a little S.O.S to all of you that also sell and collect vintage since my search was turning up little results. I am looking for a skirt much like these, 1940s just to the knee (or just past the knee), in some summer-weight fabric. Semi-full, not a circle skirt, just sort of a-line in shape. No particular color or pattern, just not black or anything too "wintery".  The length isn't too important, I can have it shortened, but the waist 26". So if any of you sellers have one, let me know, thanks!


Amy said...

I could make you one! I have a very similar skirt pattern from 1948. It's pretty much exacly like the one on the left, with the multiple panels and below the knee length. I always use vintage materials, so it's pretty much the real thing.

Anonymous said...

do you know what number the simplicity pattern is? I love it, and have been looking for a similar style skirt myself!

Beth said...

I will certainly keep my eye will look fabulous in a skirt like that! 30's/40's really is your soul era, huh?

thequiltedmitten said...

I'll keep my eye out for you. I have one polyester a-line knee length in cream (wrap skirt), but it's not 1940s.

SummerMarie said...

I lauren,

This is Marie from

I think I have a few skirts like this. I have to look around a bit and see!

Kim at SassySisterVintage said...

I have one almost identical to what's in the pattern on the right, a bluish color in a 25 or 26 waist too. Super cute. I was gonna list it earlier this week but I didn't like the pics. But It's a bit of a heavier weight fabric ;-(

labonnefemme1 said...

Darn, just put back a blue and white seersucker one at an estate sale, thought it was too much...I should tweet from the sales from now on!

beckydrolen said...

I might have something close...I have a pink and white seersucker skirt...might be slightly fuller skirt. I will double check that and the waist size.

Unknown said...

ciao bella~

i have several 40s summer suits with this style skirt. the jackets are more like cute little tops that would look great with jeans - i.e. multiple outfits yeah. most are 4 or 8 gored. fabrics are cotton/rayon blends (maybe a little linen in some) and they're almost all pastel colors.

raleigh vintage

hannah said...

Hi Lauren!

Just received some lovely 40s skirts each in a 26" waist. Although these are winter weight, I thought I'd share just in case... two are knee length while the other are midi. Plaid, muted, & rich tweeds.
Fabric is wool, each ranging from lighter to heavier weight~

manic vintage

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