Saturday, February 19

mariell amelie : self-portrait photography

via Trendland

I've always loved self-portrait art for some reason, part of it is seeing someone transform in a sense. What I like about these though is the background elements mostly - a little white kitty you could almost miss, a pretty crochet bedspread or a stainless steel teapot.


Kayla said...

These are gorgeous. Inspires me to try my own self portrait project.

Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

alexandra grecco said...

oh wow! i love love love. thanks for sharing.


Em said...

The first picture is so great...

Avalonne Hall said...

Hey Lauren,

Thanks for checking out my post! I really appreciate it! I would absolutely love to buy those dresses! Seriously, if you wait a few months, I can definitely buy the Sweetest Thing Lace Wedding Dress... but as of now, I can't, sadly.

Your shop is amazing, seriously. I always stop by your etsy and just stare at all the delightful clothes. :)

About Last Weekend said...

You're right it's the small details that keep you coming back. Love the sea in the second, it looks so freezing cold and threatening, but so dramatic! Have a great weekend

magdamagda said...

Oh the tiny white kitty I could not miss! I loved it before I read abt it;)

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