Wednesday, February 10



A shop update that I almost called Tuesday shop update since I can't seem to wrap my brain around this week and am mentally one day behind. So here's the Wednesday-that-thinks it's-Tuesday update!


13bees said...

woah - that black nipon dress has my name written all over it. too bad I, er, don't need another black dress...

cookies+creme said...

so funny!! i thought it was tuesday today as well, when i was taking the kids to school, i got half way down the road and reliezed everyone had out their garbage and i was thinking "boy the whole street is really on top of it getting their garbage out a day early"... then it clicked & i had to ask the kids what day it was!
hate when this happens, but at least it means the weekend is closer than we thought!!
great update... as always!!

Good Girls Studio said...

Holy Boots Batman! Gorgeous!!

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