Saturday, November 28

She's makin' a list...

It's wishlist season, but I'll admit I that being on Etsy alllllllll the time means I always have a pretty substantial wishlist going. And just last week I found out that on Amazon you can link your Etsy wishlist to your Amazon wishlist! Whaaaa? I was so excited about this, you click on Universal Wishlist and voila! You create a wishlist that combines your favorite items from both cool.

And also, a shop update! Expect there to be more updates and more in the shop as the holidays approach, the shop will be well stocked right up until New Year's Eve!


AlicePleasance said...

I didn't know about Universal Wishlist! Thank you for's a dream!
And fabulous items as usual ;-)

Brittany Noel said...

Universal wishlist!!! What a brilliant idea. I love this update. Just my shade of blue.

Priscilla Tan said...

Love the coat!! It's really pretty and I think u have a great eye for vintage goodies!!:)

Big fan of your blog!

French Press Knits said...

No way! I didn't know that!

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