Friday, November 27

Five Friday Favorites

It was a long wonderful day of shopping some of my favorite vintage shops and of course I came home with a haul that felt like I was my own Santa Claus. About half is for the shop and the other half for myself. I recently pulled about 20 vintage dresses of my own to sell in the shop, so you know, I just felt like I had "earned" some "new" vintage...oh how we women can any rate, with all that excitement I nearly forgot to post my Friday Favorites, so here there are!


katthroatworld said...

great stuff! i especially love the bow dress, the black strapless dress, and the navy jacket. amazing! i need to go vintage shopping soon!

Brittany Noel said...

That military jacket is phenomenal!! I just went to the antique mall today and have a few "new" old things :) I love bringing home a haul!

Louise said...

All gorgeous and each linked in some way.

Katy said...

Whoa...I love those shooooes!

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