Sunday, November 29

The House Jewels

A preview of the jewelry that will be in the shop through the holidays, because after all, it's the little things that count, isn't it? And recently, I was at a vintage shop and the owner, a very pretty middle aged woman was dressed in totally modern clothing, but all vintage jewelry and it instantly made her look so stylish, cool and vintage-y. It got me thinking about wearing more accessories altogether.


Priscilla Tan said...

Wow..I cant wait to see and buy them in your shop! Very beautiful finds:)

Vivi said...

Such beautiful pieces! I think the top collar one is especially fun.

sarah said...

These are so beautiful! Every time I see vintage jewels like this, it makes me wish I was braver about wearing jewelry. You always find the loveliest things!

alexkeller said...

i always mix modern and vintage when i get dressed and when i make things for the jewelry shop. it makes it more interesting i think!

Katy said...

Oh, I love vintage jewelry! That necklace with the turquoise and gold beads and the multi-colored rhinestone brooch are my favs in this group...but they're all lovely pieces.

Louise said...

Vintage jewellery was my first vintage obsession and I still love it. Sometimes it is hard to work it into your everyday work wardrobe, but when it does work, it works a charm.
These pieces are truly lovely.

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