Monday, October 26

Look out for this sweater

The reason you should look out for this sweater, if you like it that is, is because I have seen it more than once! I have this one here and I also have one in black, apricot, dark green and dark peach, same sweater! I love when that happens, and it doesn't happen a lot. This sweater was purchased for the shop, but lives with me, for now!

striped wool sweater - thrifted
burnt orange cords - JCrew
brown oxfords - thrifted


leila wylie said...

It's so crazy when that happens. A few weeks ago in a bar I ran into a girl who was wearing the exact same (same brand and everything) pair of early 60s loafers as me. It was crazy!

Leproust Vintage said...

This sweater is seriously amazing! The colors and pattern are gorgeous. I have so many pieces that were intended to be sold, but after trying them on, I feel like I need to at least hang on to them for a bit! It is so hard sometimes!! :)

andrea said...

I love when I find twins of things while thrifting. Sometimes I find identical things magically in different sizes, perfect for matching with my best friends!

Karima said...

lovely sweater! i don't blame you for keeping it. amazing color combination and unusual stripes!

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