Monday, October 26

Autumn takes hold

When autumn weather is nice, it's utterly gorgeous, when it's rotten it's just so so rotten! Sunday was a glorious day, aaaaaand I spent most of it indoors shooting photos because when the sun is out that's a photo day. And I was about to grumble, then I remembered how happy I am that I don't work in a office. And I thought of how sweet it was to walk out to my backyard where Mr. Dear Golden was burning all sorts of burnable rubbish and just sit there by the autumn fire. Then my little kitty heads frolicked in the yard and well, I felt so grateful that this shop is my job! So happy Monday and here's a shop update!


Teresa @ good-grace said...

The belt is divine! (and you do an absolutely *lovely* job with your shop...)

Zohar said...

the shoes (the laced ones especially) and the bag - drool

Q's Daydream said...

You always have the most wonderful things! :o)

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