Thursday, October 29

I look like the weather

The weather has been crazy gorgeous lately! And no I don't mean I look gorgeous like the weather, I mean this dress is SO what the weather looks like, all those same colors. It is a 1960s homemade corduroy tent dress I picked up for the shop recently and have decided to keep for a while, although it's pretty out of character for me. I don't usually wear such bold prints or tent dresses. But I must say it's way comfortable and it was pretty fun wearing such a print as this all day! I knew I would be running around today and  wasn't going to wash my hair or care about anything else regarding my appearance so I thought this dress would make up for it. I think it done did. I proceeded to go out to my favorites shops and found some amazing finding gems today and had an expected lunch with a friend at one of my favorite spots - butternut squash soup and an espresso...hello! these days are amazing...oh and I had to include a photo of the sleeping Soph because she also looks like the weather. In fact, in the summer she was so easy to spot when she was outside and now she's like a needle in a haystack!

vintage tent dress - thrifted
brown tights - Sock Dreams
pale leather over the knee boots - thrifted


Erin (Wren) said...

oh but you do look gorgeous like the weather

and ya know what - i'm not really a fan of cats but that picture made me want one! so sweet and cozy.

littlebyrd said...

This outfit is AWESOME!

nath said...

it's lovely. and it looks great!

calivintage said...

i agree with erin up there! you do look gorgeous like the weather and the dress is a perfect compliment to your stunning looks! it looks comfortable, but refined. very nice!

Karima said...

what a great find, and it suits you so well! love the colors and the way you matched it with dark tights and light boots - well done!

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