Wednesday, October 28

Gray is for happiness!

Let us reclaim gray from it's reputation for being depressing. It's not depressing, it's sooooothing, it chills me out, I can be a bit wound up and I think I like gray so much because it counters that.


tenthings. said...

pretty shades of grey. some of my favorites!

ooh, those brown shoes that came up in linked within...have to go check those out. they look cute.

Laurel said...

I love grey! It's lovely!

Great items for the store!


tenthings. said...

they must have been way cute as they are no longer around.

i love those heels with the spots. whoo hoo. sexy.

Mel said...

Wow you have so pretty neat stuff in your store :)

Visual Vamp said...

Now that's the way to go gray!

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