Thursday, October 29

Hat Revival

Ladies, whatever happened to hats? How could one of the most interesting and varied accessories just fall by the wayside? I am on a crusade to bring the hat back. The everyday hat, not just the special fascinator or night out hat, but the daily hat. Why not? They elevate the most basic outfit into something terribly stylish. Put on your favorite jeans and a nice sweater then top it off with a fantastic hat and just bask in all the attention you get in the world, people love people who wear hats! I myself love 1930s-1940s hats the most and have a serious collection that I will not let hide in the my closets! I wear them anywhere and every time I do I get the best compliments. They make is so easy, your outfit can take a backseat, so if you are feeling lazy, just put on a hat! And then when you are feeling fancy well, put on a hat! Here are some amazing photos I nabbed from one of my favorite eye candy sites, My Vintage Vogue. And below is a little sneak peek of the hats that'll be in the shop soon!


calivintage said...

you look so good in all of these hats. i really agree with you on this one, and i do think i need to resolve to add a few more hats to my collection. this is a great inspirational start!

reilly said...

The 60s happened! Hair got so big that they were, themselves, hair hats, thus replacing the need for real ones. >:(

I especially love 30s hats, especially the dipped-down-to-almost-cover-one-eye-how-mysterious (not unlike the first picture)! If I had long hair, I'd use the opportunity to wear spectacular 40s hats, like the third Vintage Vogue picture.

I do love hats but I'm so terrible at buying them, I greatly prefer clothes over accessories!

sarah said...

Oh! Wonderful hats! I wish more people would wear hats again, too. I have far too many (well, I'm not sure it's possible to have too many!), and I try to wear them as often as I can, but unfortunately I am usually alone in my efforts down here in the south. (I get a lot of funny looks!) But I am a trooper - I'm on a mission to bring them back, too!

iva said...

Yay hat crusade!
I'm in! I especially love the 30's off to the side ones with huge feathers. Great collection.

Carmen said...

I love all the hats and you're right what did happen to hats?


avintagespirit (Lizzy) said...

I agree, why did hats go out of fashion for everyday wear. Those are so really fabulous hats. I'm a fan of 30s and 40s hats as well.

Zohar said...

ha! I was just saying how I wish hats were mandatory :) Your collection in your shop is amazing - I always love looking at them

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