Saturday, September 19


I have a love of minimalist jewelry, simple little things; and this jewelry defies my love for minimalist jewelry. Utterly maximal and anything but understated, Broad Street is jewelry for a girl who wants to be asked about her accessories. Made from salvaged vintage jewelry, Sara of Broad Street creates unique, one of a kind pieces that make the most of jewelry that may otherwise be totally cast aside. I love vintage and I love making vintage modern so this is a perfect marriage. If you like something in her shop, you'd better snap it up because you know they'll never be another piece like it.


sarah said...

Those are stunning! The fifth one down looks like it should have been worn in the court of Empress Elisabeth of Austria!

jarsika said...

BEAUTIFUL! I love the contrast with the wood! I so love that you promote things you like too. I've been needing to do that. We've got to help each other out :)



alexkeller said...

for a second there i thought these were going to be in YOUR shop! going to look at Broad Street :)

Anonymous said...

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