Sunday, September 20

A case of the Sunday cozies

It isn't particularly chilly outside, but the mornings are quite chilly now which lends a need to be cozy feeling to the air. I am trying to resist the urge to go to the cider mill until it's just a bit colder, but it's terribly hard, those donuts are calling...

Last year there was no Dear Golden at this time of year, and I missed out on posting clothing of my very favorite season, so I am having too much fun packing the shop with every shade of brown. When I was a little girl I always would say my favorite color was brown, which seems strange now, but I just loved plaid and brown plaids in particular. As far back as the 5th grade I was hitting the Goodwill and stocking up on those wool A-line plaid skirts and it's hilarious to me that I have not stopped doing that yet! This morning I switched out my closet from summer to fall/winter clothing and noticed I have a serious collection of wool plaid skirts!


Claradevi said...

Aww... beautiful colours! I also love brown and wasn't really sure why I don't like pink or purple like most of my friends do, but I feel more comfortable with my brownish and creamy outfits taste now. They're pretty and the most important thing is, i like them! I'm glad Dear Golden can make lots of post for this season this year, will be excited to read everything :)

Teresa @ good-grace said...

I can't believe it's less than a year. Congratulations on all of your success! :) Loving these cozy, toasty finds.

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