Wednesday, July 29

Summer Sale!

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Today I started thinking again about why I even get dressed. I don't mean, like why I put clothes on, but why I get "dressed". I go to a place each day where it really doesn't matter what I wear and some days no one even really sees me as I just sit in my office and work all day. But it just feels weird to me to NOT get dressed or just throw something on and I realize that I really get dressed for myself. Which is okay with me, it just would be nice sometimes to work some place where other people got "dressed" or at least cared that other people were "dressed".

silk wrap blouse - Etsy, Kisses from Anna
camisole - thrifted
belt - thrifted
pants - thrifted
beaded metal necklace -thrifted
shoes - eBay


labonnefemme1 said...

I work in a kitchen so getting dressed means the same Chef's uniform everyday, but I love to see your daily outfits and I know others do too. You are an inspiration!

dwkuan said...

I feel the same way. I get dressed up mainly because I enjoy it, but I definitely don't need to. Actually, when it matters what you wear, it really takes the thrill out of it. I used to work at a hipster magazine and every day I'd be intimidated...

Brittany Noel said...

I'm sure people appreciate your clothing; I do! I agree with what dwkuan said that if you have to get "dressed" it can take the fun out of it.

nath said...

interesting. what do you do Lauren? i am very curious! i get 'dressed' most days even though i am at home looking after a small child. it matters to me. it makes me feel like me.

alexkeller said...

love the necklace!
and i really think all women get dressed for themselves. you may say it's for your partner, but that's really to get their attention. or you may say it's for other women, but that's to get attention, too. and you know what? that's okay, cuz we're all fabulous!

Claradevi said...

I KNOW - that's exactly how I feel sometimes. But I think its better when we dressed up for ourself, you know, for satisfying our inner desires - not only for other people's need, because if thats so, then sometimes we get stuck and sort of being directed to particular way of dressing based on what other want - not truly what we want. :)

Cutzi said...

Heh heh. At least you actually step foot out of the house in your cute outfits. Some days it's hard for me to justify putting on anything besides my sweatpants knowing that the only people who will see them are a 4 yo, a 2 yo and 2 month old.

Karen/Small Earth Vintage said...

This is the *one thing* I miss about working in an office. Now that I work at home, often in dust and dirt, there's just no reason to get dressed up. It's especially distressing when surrounded by so much vintage. (My friends always think it's funny how dressed up I get when I go out. They have no idea!)

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