Tuesday, July 28

Second shop update...today.

Too excited. Too too excited. This world is just so blissfully full of wonderful things that one doesn't have to set FOOT in a mall to buy. That's pretty fantastic if you ask me. I needed some things today that I would have to go to the mall or some other "new" store to get (like underpants), and I planned on going to get them during my lunch hour, but when this lunch hour came I found myself, once again,
at the Salvation Army...like a moth to a flame...


ScottieinaCanoe said...

I am loving that hat Lauren! the owl necklace is super sweet too :)

Bug said...

The white blouse is very lovely and so is that cute purse. You have the greatest finds - you must have a great eye!

Dallas Shaw said...

your shops is stunning, i'd ove to feature, or trade links, let me know your thoughts! talk soon!

Claradevi said...

i'm so excited too! haha, this is funny, your posts are kinda addictive - its dangerous, isn't it? but i'm enjoying this - everything is perfectly beautiful... i'd love to have the yellow skirt! this is great great great :)))

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