Thursday, July 30

Mall clothes

All the items of clothing I am wearing a from the mall...originally. However, I found all of them while thrifting. While I am usually just looking for vintage when I thrift I often find great clothes that are not vintage, but from stores I like. I somehow feel less guilty and boring wearing "mall clothes" if I found them while thrifting, which is pretty silly since they are the same clothes, but at least I got them at a much better price! I also find that when I buy something retail I wear it less because I paid more for it and it is thereby more "valueable" which is also silly.
Do you have any clothing rationale that seems sort of silly once you think about it?


And here is a little shop update, though I am trying not to update too much as I am having my Summe Sale!


13bees said...

oooh, love that top belt!

Andrea Zvaleko said...

It amazes me that people have this notion that 'more expensive' adds value to clothing or things in general. That to me just seems too easy, as in, anyone with some money could pick out that item. When you find something thrifted, especially vintage, it retains so much more value to me because I was in the right place at the right time. Also, the cheaper it is, the more excited I am about it.

sarah said...

Oh, I know what you mean. That's what I love about thrifting/estate sales - the value is placed more on the work that is put into finding it, and the uniqueness of the item, rather than how expensive it was. (in fact, I love to brag about how little I paid for something!)

Those red and white shoes are too adorable. So sad they aren't my size!

la fille vanille said...

What a great blog YOU have here - I love your style. Thanks for your sweet words on my blog:-) I will definently check back. Hope you have a great weekend :-)

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