Saturday, June 27

I'll have mine with {cream} please.

I have a delicious new shop to love on Etsy. Interestingly enough it is owned by the same person as my most favorite Etsy shop, Metrode. Caitlin has now started a new shop called, [creamery] and the name alone makes me feel like I am eating a wonderful pastry. The shop is all cream colored things and I think it's just a slam-dunk, brilliant idea and I wish I had thought of it, although my shop would be all cream and gray. The Grayery, no the Grayerie. Hey! Maybe that is the new store I should start! Wait, no I have enough to do, more than enough. So for now, I will gush over Caitlin's new soothing shop selections! But seriously, I do want to start a shop called Gray on Grey. If I could rename Dear Golden, I would!

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Olivia Rae said...

ooh i'm so excited. cream clothes are my favorite!

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