Wednesday, June 3

Baby's come home!

Anabela, at Fieldguided tagged me with a version of my own tag! She turned my Always & Nevers into a home version! Very clever, and also very fun for me since I certainly have an obsession with my home decor as much as my closet. Above are photos from my own house.

1. wood floors, no carpet please. rugs? sure.
2. natural colors, textures and plants.
3. gray walls, beautiful airy, light gray.
4. 100% cotton sheets. anything else is unacceptable!
5. space for yoga.

1. store bought art, like the kind at bed bath & beyond or pottery barn, how boring can one get!?
2. valences on the windows. me no likey.
3. dark red walls, or much red at all, it's just not for me in my house.
4. leather furniture. totally creeps me out.
5. matchy-matchy decor, i like to see some imagination.

And I would like to tag 3 bloggers please.
Alyson at Unruly Things
Genevieve at Tell You (Today)
Leigh at Found Now, Home


tracy mitchell said...

have i told you how much i love your house? every pic you post is just perfect. i hope someday my home is photo-worthy.....

anabela / fieldguided said...

Oh my goodness! Your nevers are perfect! Store bought art and leather furniture is so far from my realm of understanding that I had forgotten that they existed!

erin said...

oh fun. and i totally agree with your lists. glad to have found your blog!

raquel & raul said...

This may be totally random but do you recall the brand and name of the paint color in your bedroom? Its perfect!

genevieve said...

I need to do this one, AND the last my computer back...time to do some serious blogging. Thanks for the tag! Gonna (ahem) clean my house before taking the pictures!!!

Hello Lindello said...

I'm with ya on the wood floors and grey walls. 3/4 of our house is painted shades of grey and we have all wood floors (a must!).

becka said...

oh yes, i completely agree with everything! especially the store bought art and too much red. no thanks!

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