Wednesday, June 3

I want to eat this color.

I am so into this sweet papaya color right now, and recently I was at the JCrew outlet and it was all over, which was good and bad. I held back and bought this scarf and chiffon flower thingy for my hair, but there is just something about this color, I want to bite it! It is cold once again today and usually I don't gripe about the weather, but I really want it to be super hot, my outfit reflects how this unseasonably cold weather renders me pretty lazy about getting dressed. In face, here's a secret - this is the 3rd day I have worn these jeans. Yeah.

little white shrunken jacket - thrifted
gray silky shift t-shirt - thrifted
scarf -jcrew
jeans - madewell
silver flapper flats - thrifted
chunky papaya bracelet - thrifted


Olivia Rae said...

love that color too!! a new jcrew outlet just opened a mile from my beach house and i'm going there today! can't wait

Poke Salad Annie said...

yummy! that colour makes me thirsty :)

Leila Marvel said...

Oh I love that color, so adorable and perfect for any time of the year.

Bettie and Mars said...

That color, especially with the white, is so good! You look so fresh :) Love the shoes, too.

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