Thursday, June 4

1940's dressed

Can this be my favorite color? This gray meets brown, would that be taupe? I don't like that name so much, can we rename 'taupe', can we call it 'dusk'? Can we call it 'clay'? This dress is making it's debut today, it was a Christmas gift and is only now getting worn. I love how 1940's dresses fit and make a woman look, they do a great job of hugging what's small and forgiving what's not. I think that that era of clothing, along with the 1950s is the most flattering to a woman's figure without constraining it, I feel a little bit like I am in a play today. This is probably because I used to be in plays/musicals and many of them were set in the 1940s and I got to dress like this a lot.

1940's office dress - Etsy
belt - thrifted
1930's peeptoe oxfords - thrifted, so long ago I cannot even remember!


nath said...

that colour is hard to pin down - it looks a bit pinky as well, so perhaps, rose clay? it's lovely, so soft and flattering.

Olivia Rae said...

beautiful! love it.

tracy mitchell said...

haha. i have a pair of taupe shoes in the shop right now and i did everything i could not to have to call them taupe. i like 'clay.' that's much better.
you're outfit is superb and i am drooling all over those shoes!

Hello Lindello said...

you look so cute! love those shoes.

Gracie said...

Love what it does for your waistline!

Love Grace.

Darla: Retro Ways said...

Gorgeous dress!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥

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