Wednesday, May 20

Let's reclaim the term 'sportswear'

In the days of Coco Chanel and Jean Patou, the word 'sportswear' was born, and it had a different meaning than what we think of today, it didn't mean clothing for sports exactly, but it did mean clothing that was more relaxed and allowed more movement and it really was a nod to what kind of fabric was used, for example jersey. Coco Chanel was a pioneer of elegant women's sportswear, and her creation of great women's sportswear was born from her own wardrobe needs (which I think it's really rad!). She also used jersey because it was inexpensive, which is something else I love about her. She came from meager beginnings and was actually concerned about the cost of clothing, ironically building a brand synonymous with is interesting that when we think Chanel today, we don't really think of 'sportswear', but in fact, that was her beginnings. Ohhhh how I cannot wait for the Chanel film to come out, I will be at the very first showing I am sure. I'd like to take back the term 'sportwear' from sports, because how else can we describe the clothing it references? Leisurewear? I think not. Today as I got dresses I thought of how casual I looked and felt and it made me think of how to describe a look that is not dressy, but not too casual, but very easy to wear.
Sorry, I did not mean this to come off as some kind of lecture!

straw hat - thrifted
black rayon slouchy shell - thrifted

wide embossed gold cuff - thrifted

cropped knit cardigan - Banana Republic

button front twill skirt - thrifted
leather Sperry Topsiders - thrifted


briannelee said...

I love the boat shoes. I need to find a pair for myself!

Salut! chou chou said...

Thanks for sharing this bit of history! I do remember my parents using the term sportswear when I was younger and not meaning dry-fit tops or spandex bottoms...=)

anja louise said...

So cute! I love the classy sporty look, and I'm definitely feeling that vibe lately with all the 50's summer photos I've been looking at!

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