Thursday, May 21

It's Friday to me

Since I am going up north for some all-girl R & R tomorrow today is Friday to me. Despite that it felt impossible to get up this morning, but then I thought about how gorgeous it was outside and how even more gorgeous its going to be as the day goes on and I found to power to rise. I did lay in bed and try and think of something to wear today, and while that is pretty impossible since I have way too many clothes, I did decide I wanted to wear a dress because I was too tired to try and make an outfit. This dress does all the work for me, don't you think? I won't bother with the list, it's all thrifted! The dress I found at the Salvation Army, it's a 1950s cotton sundress with the coolest mid-centuty, tribal print. As I put it on I wondered if I'd wear it again after today, or add it to the shop.


retroliving said...

That dress is amazing.

Salut! chou chou said...

Definitely a fantastic dress on a petite figure. I love the tribal-esque print.

nath said...

great dress. it's got pockets too i see, which always elevates a dress from the ordinary i find.

Dream Sequins said...

What a fun print! Enjoy your weekend! :)

anja louise verdugo said...

It's true, that dress is an instant outfit hit!

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