Tuesday, May 19

There's an app for that.

There is a running joke in my house that was born from the iPhone commercial where they repeat, "there's an app for that", way too many times. Well today I was informed of an iPhone app that is a little outfit builder. You have photos of your garments and it somehow walks your through creating an outfit from the photos. Yes, well, I am YOUR app for that, right here, right now. I could seriously sit around and match up my shop photos creating outfits all day long. Then I'd need an app for eating and going to the bathroom because I am sure I would get so obsessed that I would lose all other motivation!


m. said...

We do it too!

"I don't want to grade these essays!"
"There's an app for that."

"We need toilet paper!"
"There's an app for that."

"Ugh... I wish I didn't have to take a shower."
"There's an app for that."

Jane said...

Can there be a thing as too many apps?? My cousin had some kind of lamze/contraction counter/ timer when his wife went into labor. Was posted to his FB page... wonder if the Doc had a delivery app?

Laura Trevey said...

I wish I did not have to blow dry my hair!
"there's an app for that."

I really wish there was!!

Hello Lindello said...

hehe. my husband always jokes around like that too. we've been waiting for SNL to do a skit on it. something dirty and gross but oh so funny...

anabela / fieldguided said...

Girl, you are SO FUNNY!

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