Saturday, May 16

Faux Bois & Flapper Slippers

Two items I have had for a long while and can't seem to part with. Probably because they are both kind of gray. The blouse is silk, gray and like no other I have seen, it totally faux bois which isn't something I am really into, unless its on a silk blouse! The shoes are little silver slipper-like t-strap flats, that I thought would end up in the shop but never seem to. And well, spirea, who doesn't love spirea? I love it like I love lilacs, they seems to farmhousey, nothing you seen in the city, they are like really beautiful "common" flowering trees, you know?


Laura Trevey said...

love the cute shoes!

Gracie said...

Shoes are gorgeous. Blouse is goregous. Flowers are gorgeous.


nath said...

beautiful beautiful blouse.

vintagepetals said...

I wouldn't be able to part with those shoes either!

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