Saturday, May 16

It's the little things.

vintage french perpetual desk calendar

vintage motley crochet turtle

antique stuffed toys - elephant & cat

vintage black needlepoint round pillow

vintage pair of pressed flower & such paperweights

vintage metallic chinoiserie throw pillow

Dear Golden Home has some new additions, nothing big, just some little things. Soon to be listed...


tracy mitchell said...

i adore that throw pillow! i expect it will be in my dreams tonight.

Lightning Heart said...

ohhh that desk calendar is amazing!

Tom Tuttle from Tacoma said...

love 'em all. i heart the paperweights.

Sadie's Wardrobe said...

I'm in love with the desk calendar!

Hello Lindello said...

I want that calendar!

Lauren said...

that calendar is neat!

AlicePleasance said...

I was looking right yesterday at those vintage perpetual calendars on Etsy, I love them :-)

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