Thursday, April 2

Sweet Thursday

I bought this blouse, which is from the early 1960s and this little blue sweater yesterday, washed them up last night because I wanted to pair them up today. Not a full outfit post as all I have on is a tan pencil skirt and cream loafers. I'm comfy because today we are picking up our new sofa! I said I was going to wait until the right one presented itself and well, as it turned out that was one whole day! However, we have to drive for 2 hours to go get it, but we are going to a town called Kalamazoo and there is a cool brewery there, Bell's Brewery and we'll stop in there.

Some purses and a hat I will have in the shop soon. Duff is coming over this weekend to shoo photos and hang out. It's fun to have someone else come over and model, sometimes I get lonely doing it alone, and Duff is a pretty model!

And since this post is full of sweet things I want to include this adorable little brooch, a mama birdie and her baby.
It's from Beatomic Beauty, on Etsy, which sells all kinds of interesting jewelry! And currently has a ring my heart will forever be set on...


Oni said...

will you reserve that hat for me? PLEASE i need it in my life

Frankie said...

That blouse is gorgeous. I now need that ring too x

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