Wednesday, April 1


If only I could get my kitties to model my clothes for me, I think it would really do a lot for my shop's image. I love Vintage Renasissance on Etsy because they make the CUTEST kitty beds and they use kitty models! I once bought a giant suitcase and put a pillow in it for my cats to sleep in, but that thing wasn't half as cute as these, with feets, like real beds! What a great way to recycle old suitcases that no one wants to haul around.


la cuisine bourgeois said...

if these kitties could kill with cuteness i would be dead. oh and the furniture is nice too. hahaha.
thanks for sharing!

sarah jane and bentley said...

Those kitty beds are awesome. really.

Anonymous said...


A "cheery" disposition said...

I love those cat beds! How creative!

Vintage Rose Clothing said...

haha... how funny, that pink one is cute, but I think Buddy (my kitty) would kill me if I bought it for him! Although he is pretty prissy!

Frankie said...

Those are genius! x

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