Tuesday, April 28

Oysters at Grand Central

On our honeymoon we went to Grand Central Oyster Bar whereupon we discovered the utter delight of raw oysters for the first time. I didn't think I'd like them, but we totally into trying them, so we did and it was the beginning of a beautiful relationship. We took sillly photos then of us acting nerdy with the oysters so we recreated the scene thing time and here it is. Funny only to us, but whatever! We sat at the same seat because it's is right below a sign for a boat painting that says Detroit, so we have to represent! The food at Grand Central Oyster bar is pretty tasteless,it's like old folks home food, but the wine list is madness and the oyster list seems endless and it is all dark and rustic in there, as though you are on a big boat, so we like it.


Vintage Rose Clothing said...

How cute!! If you're ever in San Francisco there is an awesome Oyster bar that overlooks the bay.. Hog Island Oysters... It's fun to sit outside & watch the waves! <3

Frankie said...

You two are so romantic! I LOVE oysters too, I wish I could eat them every day x

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