Tuesday, April 28

Doors of the Washington Mews

The days were sunny and hot and it was apparently the first of the super nice weather in the city so there were throngs of people out at all times. The parks were always full, but the live music in them was such a great treat. This bluegrassy-vaudeville band that was playing had our attention for quite a long while.

Walking near Washington Square we wandered through this little gated (but open!) corridor that looks so cute, it reminded me of the little streets in Brighton, England. All the doors were different and neat looking so I snapped some. When we exited the otherside, we saw the sign that basically said we weren't even allowed to walk in there. But true to form, we were rule breakers. Such deviants! Walking through mews and everything!


littlebyrd said...

Hehe - good for you guys :) I love the door pictures.

Tracy said...

i can't believe you are admitting to such a heinous crime here in the wide open! shouldn't you be in hideout somewhere?

Heather Esterline said...

I love the doors!! There was an art fair in Charlevoix and one astist only took photos of doors and I wanted them all. Remember the earrings?

Anonymous said...

Loving your sunglasses!

Frankie said...

Great photos! I can see what you mean, it is similar to Brighton. WHEN are you coming to the UK, please? x

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