Sunday, April 26

After a outrageously beautiful day in the city, like 85 degrees, we headed out to Pure Food and Wine, a raw food restaurant where we met with friends and at some seriously delicious and creative food. I recommend checking the place out, not only is the food so delicious and healthy, the outdoor seating has to be the best in the city.  The night was warm as though it were summer and we lingered there for longer than usual. Today is supposed to be even warmer, and who knows what's in store!

Pants - thrifted
Shoes - Me Too, Zappos


Hello Lindello said...

eeek! I hope its warm when I go there next week. I love the whole outfit especially those shoes!

la cuisine bourgeois said...

totally awesome outfit. say to new york city for me!

Frankie said...

You look HOT! As always x

AlicePleasance said...

Those pants are marvellous!

Cathy said...

Nice outfit - an even better attitude!

We're still waiting to have you join Silkfair btw. ;)


g/d said...

God look at the FABULOUS outfit! I am in love with it and intend to copy it.

PS Did your blouse get there?

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