Tuesday, April 28

Morningside Park & last day

It took us until the last day to realize that Morningside Park was mere blocks from us and it's a very pretty place. We started out day there, with a very subpar Dunkin' Donuts coffee (I am such a coffee snob!), but we walked up the maze of stairs toward Columbia University which was a very beautiful area that I liked a lot. And lo and behold an outfit post!

Dress - by Rogan, but thrifted!
Boots - thrifted


srqkid said...

You always manage to find the best boots!
Are you a fan of Starbucks?

~h~ said...

What a dashing pair the two of you make! Loving that dress. Stripes. I love stripes. And white sunglasses. Iowa loves it. :)

Imelda said...

hi lauren, i love that dress...and the boots!!! ooohhh perfect combo!! xx imelda

imelda said...

ups sorry, i've dropped as other blogger. c'est moi, imelda of vintijgospogurl. long time no see :)

Frankie said...

You are such an attractive couple! Good work x

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