Monday, March 9

Where is the $1,198 when I need it!?!

This is ready for some gal flush with cash to buy and it's REALLY sad because I am pretty sure that I'd love owning and wearing this Valentino coat much more than her. Grrr!! Gilt Group can be a really painful thing, most of the time! I mean, the stuff is at this heavy discount, that I STILL cannot afford (at least not afford and still pay the mortgage...)

And this is so fantastically crazy to me - I see many many designers (high-end no less) putting out blouses that are styled just like vintage blouses. I mean, why would I pay $300, nay, why should YOU pay $100-$400 (the above blouse by Valentino for a mere $398 and that's at a discount!) for a pretty feminine blouse with pretty bow, or ruffled collar when you can get one on Etsy for around $30? Aaaaaand, you are recycling clothes, thereby being "green"! Just sayin'.


Blythe Hopes Vintage said...

Also - buying from etsy means you're supporting a small business as well as being good to the earth :)

Alicia @ boylerpf said...

I hear you loud and clear about buying vintage..PLUS the added advantage of not seeing yourself coming and going on the street while you paid a small fortune to look that way! Go vintage!

Kasey said...

i read ya!

Frankie said...

Wow, such rich colours! x

Darrah said...

I ask myself these questions all the time! Why would anyone pay that much for a blouse you can thrift for less?? So silly. I'll let those people be silly though. I want the deals to myself!

Unknown said...

I TOTALLY agree ...they are making EXACT replicas of vintage pieces ...and really, I'd rather have the original than the duplicate and on top of that's unique!!!

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