Tuesday, March 10

It's little galloping horses!!

This dress was something that made me look twice just because from afar it has great vintage styling and I always am drawn to the ivory & black color combination. But upon further investigation of the dress I discovered the pattern is made up raised little galloping horses! This detail just made the dress like 10,000 times more awesome, am I wrong!?

It's Tory Burch and I found it on Gilt Group. What's nice is that this dress is $188, which is still pricey and not an amount I would spend, but it is within range whereas some stuff on Gilt is just not.


Anonymous said...

This is a wonderful piece! Brocade with a twist! You would never expect that it is Tory.

Anonymous said...

I love that dress. I agree with missthea, I would never expect such a novelty print by Tory Burch, to me she's so Newport Beach.

Diane said...

This dress is amazing!! What great subtle details.

onesilentwinter said...

oh my goodness- i just fell of my chair!

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