Tuesday, March 10

Isn't she lovely?

Were I a fashion designer, I might name my new spring collection after the Stevie Wonder song, "Isn't She Lovely?". Then I would cast my friend Duff as the model. Duff came over on this past Saturday, it was horrible outside, drab and rainy, but we had lunch whereupon she took me to task on the business end of Dear Golden (blech!). And we followed up with a photo shoot of a slew of blouses I will be posting for spring. She's just so sweet looking, I love the way the shoot came out!


Darrah said...

Can I please have that pink ruffle tank now?! OMG! It is the cutest!

littlebyrd said...

The pink ruffle blouse is insane! I love it. And Duff is fabulous model!

~h~ said...

First, there's no way I could have an Etsy store. I would keep everything if I were you! a pure glutton. Second, your friend is so pretty. She looks absolutely perfect in your blouses.

Leigh said...

She looks great in all the pictures! Looking forward to seeing your new spring clothes in your shop.

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