Sunday, March 8

Booted up.

In the very BEST way! I am loving how ankle boots make an excellent winter-into-spring transition. I don't much want to wear my tall boots, but it's not time for shoes (at least not where I live), and ankle boots are perfect because you can still wear tights and mini-skirts but you can deal with the rain (been raining here for days) and whatever spring weather happens. I just so happen to come upon a good lot of these little boots this weekend and will be steadily posting them in the shop! Boot up!


littlebyrd said...

Great idea. I hadn't considered an ankle boot as a transition piece but you're right - it would wonderful. I'll be checking in to see if there any size 8 - 8 1/2 in there!

Frankie said...

You always have the best boots! x

deedoubleyou said...

oh man my fave and hugest weakness
time to add pair # 5 to the collection?

maria memi said...

i never find shoes like that, which means I always end up in high heels
this would be comfortable though

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