Saturday, March 7

Ay, Mami!

Just discovered this shop, throught this gal's blog, Miel et Cannelle (she is also quite funny). The shop is called Nokomis and it's more of that wonderful simple, slightly vintage-inspired clothing that I love and I think many of you also love. Check out the shop! But since there is only one size left of this dress and it be mine, I just may BUY it!


Anonymous said...

Aren't they just lovely? I do love their shop quite a bit, it's in a beautiful old bank - stunning. And that dress is really sweet - I tried one on in eggplant not that long ago. You'll look delish I'm sure!

Frankie said...

oohh la la, that colour is dreamy x

Gina said...

this dress is so simple, i love it

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